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Single Day (8 hrs): AU$600 + tape

5-day ‘EP’ package: $1800 + tape

Multiple Days: AU$400 per day + tape

7-day ‘Album’ project: $2400 + tape

Costs include studio hire and house engineer, Alex Bennett.

*Any additional overtime is charged at $100 per hour

What a day includes

A ‘day’ at Sound Recordings is 8 hours, including a half an hour meal break. A normal day at Sound Recordings is between the hours of 9am and 5pm, however, the hours can be flexible.

Record pressing

We have a network in Australia, NZ and the US who are dedicated to producing high-quality analogue records and recording equipment. We can assist with the production of your master lacquers and pressing so your project remains 100% analogue. If you want to take away your master tape to be digitised for online release, that’s fine too but we can’t do it here.

Tape costs 

Tape costs vary depending on which machines are used and the scope of the musical material. Please email or call for an accurate estimate on tape/session costs. They are always different for every project, and we will do our best to ensure tape costs are as economic as possible.


Dry hires

Dry Hires sometimes happen at Sound Recordings – but these are arranged and priced on a case-by-case basis.