About Sound Recordings

Sound Recordings is a not-for-profit record label dedicated to documenting culture via analogue means.

How does it work?
Sound Recordings cost exactly what they cost to produce (pressing, printing and postage), therefore, neither the label nor the artist/s gain any capital from the sale of the records themselves. Smaller pressing runs avoid an imbalance of supply/demand whilst ensuring that production costs are returned to the contributors (label and artists) as soon as possible. By selling records at cost – the community funds the pressing process and the music is free! By using this model, Sound Recordings aims to make producing and owning analogue recordings more accessible, affordable and sustainable.

Sound Recordings is a 100% analogue recording label. This means that all the music is recorded, mixed and mastered to magnetic tape, while the vinyl masters (lacquers) are also cut directly from master tapes. No digital processing or computers are used to make Sound Recordings.

Why go to so much effort? Any sound recording is an attempt to capture and represent the sonic phenomena that emanates from a live performance. Using only analogue technology ensures that this process remains a transference of energy at each stage of the production. From moving air to electricity, to magnetic flux, then back to electricity and, finally, motion – we are left with a groove (no pun intended). By following this simple formula, Sound Recordings come to you as they were heard by those who made them.

Sound Recordings are made by hand and electricity!

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