Sound Recordings is a 100% analogue recording facility, based in Castlemaine.

The Control Room

The Control Room

The control room is equipped with a Ampex AG440b 1/2″ 4-track, and Otari MX5050 1/2″ 8-track, and two Ampex 300 (valve) 1/4″ 2-track tape machines. In the signal chain are valve and transistor microphone/line preamplifiers, vintage equalizers, compressors/leveling amplifiers and tape delay units. Some of these pieces are classic units, others are bizzare recording relics, and some have been custom built for the Sound Recordings studio. At the heart of the control room is a 14 channel fully discrete transistorised mixing console, custom built by Ekadek Electronics an Sound. The live room contains a unique collection of vintage microphones, valve amplifiers, a Hammond organ and an upright piano. The space can be made dry or live, open or closed by adjusting acoustic panels and removing floor coverings.  For extra reverberation enhancement, there is an acoustic echo chamber on site (aka ‘The Big Room’ – a 14×17 metre hall with brick walls and timber floors/ceiling) and a handmade plate reverb unit. This studio contains no digital recording equipment and/or effects. Sound Recordings are made by hand and electricity

The live room is a 9m x10m stone building with a gabled ceiling.

We also have a bed and breakfast on the property (sleeping up to 5 people) which can be available at a special ‘band rate’. Perfect for those who would like to spend a few days in the countryside to make a record.

The Live Room

What We Do

Due to the nature and workflow of reel-to-reel tape machines, Sound Recordings specialises in live ensemble recording, with minimal overdubs and modern-world trickery. We believe less is more – Sound Recordings is not so much about a massive track count but instead is more concerned with maximizing frequency response and maintaining dynamic range. We strive to make recordings that sound like you!

Who is it for?

This studio is ideal for people who wish to produce musical recordings specifically for release on vinyl records (the best sounding records are made with an analogue source). To make this possible, Sound Recordings has a network of colleagues in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. who are also dedicated to producing high-quality analogue records and recording equipment. If you like, we can assist with the production of your master lacquers and pressing – to see that your project remains 100% analogue. If you would prefer to simply take away your master tape to be digitised for online release, then that’s fine too – but we can’t do it here.


  •   Single Day (8 hrs): AU$550 + tape
  •   Multiple Days: AU$400 per day + tape
  •   5-day project booking (highly recommended for creating amazing records): $1800 + tape

    The Custom Sound Recordings Console

    The Custom Sound Recordings Console

Costs include studio hire and house engineer, Alex Bennett.  A ‘day’ at Sound Recordings is 8 hours, including a half an hour meal break.  Any additional overtime is charged at $80 per hour.

A normal day at Sound Recordings is between the hours of 9am and 5pm, however, the hours can be flexible.

Tape costs vary depending on which machines are used and the scope of the musical material. Please email or call for an accurate estimate on tape/session costs. They are always different for every project, and we will do our best to ensure tape costs are as economic as possible.

Dry Hires sometimes happen at Sound Recordings – but these are organised and priced on a case-by-case basis.

Please feel free to contact Alex for any questions.